Réalisations for a village

Sign-board for a restaurant situated in the Pays Basque near Biarritz.

Slice plane tree carved in the mass




Sculptures and engravings realized for a cabinetmarker of Saint-Palais and a carpenter of Beguios


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Carvings realized for a bookcase

(in progress)

Bookcase installed at the customer's home

(Jean-Claude AYCAGUER, cabinetmaker in Saint-Palais 64120


Sculpture of a staircase pillar : foot of staircase and pine cone

( Gérard LABY carpenter in Béguios 64120)

Sign-board for the shoes repair of Saint-Palais 64120

Realization of 144 feet of murals friezes for the restaurant "Edelweis" situated near Pau (64)


Original planks

Planks insalled in the Savoyard restaurant and the wall plaque for the toileits "La Cachette des Dahus" 

Restoration of a frontal moulding of clock

(realized for Jean-Claude AYCAGUER, cabinetmaker in Saint-Palais 64120)

La rénovation de cette moulure n'a pas été simple du fait que je ne savais pas à quoi ressemblait la moulure avant. Il a fallu que je crée une figure qui reprenne les éléments existants pour donner un


Sign-board for a Junk Shop

Dim : H 2.30 L 0.50 T 0.10 

sign-board wood hand made